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Several years ago, I had an epiphany. I was working on my farm in Montana and started
thinking about legacy, about the future in 10, 20, and even 50 years. What was it that I wanted
to leave to my kids and family? This was not an idle thought, but something important to get
right. Lucky for me, I had lots of tractor time to give this serious contemplation!

After much thought and conversations with family, our new legacy was formed. We decided to
purchase a property that we could pass along to generations and start a new business where
our kids could learn the tourism industry.

Now with two properties for short term vacation rental, Dailey House at Lupfer and Dailey
House at Lakeshore, we can offer guests a choice on style and locations.
As our family becomes more involved with the tourism industry, two beliefs remain our

  1. Hard work yields good things
  2. Our success is based on guest satisfaction

From Yellowstone to Glacier National Park, Montana is a big state! My appreciation really
started in 1989, when I was contracted to travel the state and film Montana’s centennial
celebrations for statehood. Fond memories of Libby Logger Days, the Mountain Man
rendezvous, fiddler jamborees and many parades, will always stay with me. How can you not
enjoy a small town parade where floats and firetrucks make two laps around the center of
town, just so you can see everything twice!

A great visual that you can take home is the coffee table book, The Last Best Place, by Annick
Smith. This book, for me, truly captures the spirit and beauty of Montana. Her son was a good
friend and I was at his wedding in Whitefish many years ago. Twenty years later, my wife and I
were married in the same location-Grouse Mountain Lodge on the westside of Whitefish and
next to the golf course. We even went golfing the morning we got married!

As you can see, I love Montana! Next blog I’ll feature specific places that you can visit and
start your own memories. Who knows, maybe Whitefish or Glacier National Park will become
part your family legacy too!

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